Israel’s Choice, Pt. 1 – Introduction

There is so much that can be studied about the people of God in the Old Testament, but in this particular study I had one main focus; the history of Israel after they had received the Law and statutes at Mount Sinai. At Mount Sinai, God gave His people a choice to either obey the Law or to disobey. The central question that I wanted to know was, “Did Israel obey and receive the blessings, or did Israel disobey and receive the curses?” And depending on the answer to that, I wanted to understand the consequences of their choice. It was a study that took me many months, and there is certainly more material to consider than what I will be posting. I encourage you to dig into the details of this history more in your study time. But in this study I will be sharing the most relevant details which answer my focus question.

My focus in answering this question was not in regard to the individual, but to the overall body or “corporate” whole of God’s people. I know that individuals within the overall body are important and can make decisions differently than the corporate body, but in the Bible God himself so often speaks of His people as a whole body. Therefore, this study is looking at the whole and what God says about the whole.

This study, or series of articles, is broken down into smaller sections for easier reading. I have divided the history of Israel into these categories below, each representing a blog article. Please visit my blog again and watch for these articles to be posted soon. You can click on active links to access the articles already posted.

At Sinai

Illustration of “goodness and severity”

The Warning

More Conditions

Journey to the Border

Time of the Judges

The Monarchy

Divided Kingdom

List of Kings during the Divided Kingdom

Kings of Israel

Kings of Judah

A Broken Nation (Asyria and Babylon)

A Little Space of Grace (Medo Persia and Greece)

Time of Christ (Pagan Rome)

Natural to Spiritual Israel

Early Christian Era

Spiritual Captivity (Papal Rome)

Another Chance


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