Jesus Woven Into Our Conversation

“Suppose a friend were with us, and we should meet an acquaintance on the way and direct our whole attention to our new-found acquaintance, ignoring the presence of our friend, what opinion would men have of our loyalty to our friend, of our degree of respect to him? And yet this is the way we treat Jesus. We forget that he is our companion. We engage in conversation, and never mention his name or include his instruction in our words. We talk of worldly business matters, and where it does not bruise the soul, where it is essential, we do not dishonor Jesus, but we do dishonor him when we fail to mention him in our intercourse with our friends and associates. He is our best friend, and we should seek for opportunities to speak of him. We should ever remember that he is at our right hand, that we should not be moved, and we should ever keep him in view. Our conversation should be of a character that would be of no offense to God. We are to be overcomers, copartners with Jesus, not lending our influence to the work of the enemy. Although “God so loved the world, that he gave his only-begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life,” yet not a soul of us will be saved who fails to cooperate with God. Although our salvation is dependent upon our cooperation with God, yet we can take no glory to ourselves; for Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith; all the glory is to rebound to God. Christ is the beginning and the end, and we are utterly dependent upon him.”

– The Signs of the Times {ST, January 9, 1893 par. 8}

I looked for this quote the other day. It has been a long time since I read it, but I remember how it changed my life years ago. As a teenager I often read the Spirit of Prophecy books, and one day I came to this paragraph. It really made me think, because I was not including God in my daily conversations with family and friends. From that point I decided to talk more of Jesus. It was awkward at first, because I felt that people might think I was strange, but as I have made God and spiritual things more a part of my conversation, I have been blessed.

What is the blessing? When I decided to talk about Jesus more, it first made me realize that I have to have something to share. That challenged me to gain more knowledge of Him. I needed to learn something more that I would like to share, because I didn’t know much to say. It also challenged me to give more of my testimony of how God was changing my way of life.

By looking back on that process, I have been able see how important it is to cultivate conversations regarding the things of God.

What a blessing for me, and surely a blessing for others. I hope that it will inspire you to talk more of Jesus.


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