How To Study – Rule 9

Rule 9: Parables are used as comparisons, to illustrate subjects, and must be explained in the same way as figures, by the subject and Bible.

MILLER’S PROOFS (texts which demonstrate the Bible principles in support of this rule)

Mark 4:13 “And he said unto them, Know ye not this parable? and how then will ye know all parables?”

Matthew 25, parable of ten virgins

My Comments

Explain the parables “in the same way as figures,” meaning that you must let the Bible explain the meaning of the symbols. Plug in the possible meanings and see which one makes the best sense according to the context, see Rules 10-13.

Spirit of Prophecy Support

“Jesus’ manner of teaching was beautiful and attractive, and it was ever characterized by simplicity. He unfolded the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven through the use of figures and symbols with which his hearers were familiar, and the common people heard him gladly; for they could comprehend his words. There were no high-sounding words used, to understand which it was necessary to consult a dictionary. He illustrated the glories of the kingdom of God by the use of the experiences and occurrences of earth. In compassionate love and tenderness he cheered and comforted and instructed all who heard him; for grace was poured upon his lips that he might convey to men in the most attractive way the treasures of truth.”

– Christian Education, p. 126 par. 3 {CE 126.3}

“The parable of the ten virgins of Matthew 25 also illustrates the experience of the Adventist people. In Matthew 24, in answer to the question of His disciples concerning the sign of His coming and of the end of the world, Christ had pointed out some of the most important events in the history of the world and of the church from His first to His second advent; …”

– The Great Controversy, p. 393 par. 2 {GC 393.2}

“I am often referred to the parable of the ten virgins, five of whom were wise, and five foolish. This parable has been and will be fulfilled to the very letter, for it has a special application to this time, and, like the third angel’s message, has been fulfilled and will continue to be present truth till the close of time. In the parable, the ten virgins had lamps, but only five of them had the saving oil with which to keep their lamps burning. This represents the condition of the Church. …”

– The Review and Herald {RH, August 19, 1890 par. 3}

“By the use of figures and symbols the lessons given were illustrated, and thus more firmly fixed in the memory. Through this animated imagery the child was, almost from infancy, initiated into the mysteries, the wisdom, and the hopes of his fathers, and guided in a way of thinking and feeling and anticipating, that reached beyond things seen and transitory, to the unseen and eternal.”

– Child Guidance, p. 19 par. 1 {CG 19.1}


Bible, King James Version

Quotes taken from the Ellen G. White Writings, Comprehensive Research Edition 2008 CD


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