How To Study – Rule 12

Rule 12: To learn the meaning of a figure, trace the word through your Bible, and when you find it explained, substitute the explanation for the word used; and if it make good sense, you need not look further; if not, look again.

My Comments

This rule is closely related to rules 8-11. William Miller did not give any proofs for this one, I suppose because you can find many supporting texts in the other related rules. This rule essentially is saying that you find meaning for figures by looking throughout the Bible until you see potential explanations. You then take the options you found and plug in the meanings, judging it against the context. If it makes sense, you have your meaning.

I think this rule will require an example. Later I would like to post some examples of how this is done.

Spirit of Prophecy Support

“With intense interest he [William Miller] studied the books of Daniel and the Revelation, employing the same principles of interpretation as in the other scriptures, and found, to his great joy, that the prophetic symbols could be understood. He saw that the prophecies, so far as they had been fulfilled, had been fulfilled literally; that all the various figures, metaphors, parables, similitudes, etc., were either explained in their immediate connection, or the terms in which they were expressed were defined in other scriptures, and when thus explained, were to be literally understood. …”

– The Great Controversy, p. 320 par. 2 {GC 320.2}


Bible, King James Version

Quotes taken from the Ellen G. White Writings, Comprehensive Research Edition 2008 CD


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